Back to School Loan – Maximum amount: $2,400.00 – Rate: 6.24% APR* – Maximum term: 12 months

**APR= Annual Percentage Rate. The rate is the preferred rate with automatic payments and payroll deduction. Coupon book will be a 1/2 point higher. Risk based lending applies. Subject to terms and conditions so please call the office for details.

Sunrise Checking

Discover how easy it is to manage monthly finances with our full-featured checking account.

A NJ Community Federal Credit Union Sunrise Checking Account is made specially for our senior members over the age of 50.

To find out more about these Checking Account benefits or to apply for a Sunrise Checking Account, contact us or visit us.

Primary Savings Overdraft Protection

If you write a check for more than your actual balance, NJ Community Overdraft Protection will automatically transfer funds from your Primary Savings Account. 

No running to the credit union to cover that check. We have the money management protection for the way you live today. 

When you open a Sunrise Checking Account, Primary Savings Overdraft Protection is automatically set up.