Visa Credit Card

Our low interest VISA Credit Card is the one card you can afford to carry.

It's perfect for shopping, travel, and emergencies. Take advantage of the savings and convenience it offers when you need instant borrowing power!

  • LOW Rate
  • NO Annual Fee*
  • NO Application Fee
  • 25-Day Grace Period On Purchases
  • Cash Advances Available
  • Credit Limit Up To $10,000
  • And More!

* A $10.00 fee will be assessed on accounts that remain inactive for one year.


VISA Platinum Cash Back Card

  • Receive 1% Cash Back Bonus On All Purchases**
  • 25-Day Grace Per iod On Purchases
  • Cash Advances Available
  • FREE Travel/Accident Insurance
  • No Sign-Up
  • No Hassles
  • No Paperwork
  • No Annual Fee
  • And Much More

**Purchases do not include cash advances, convenience checks, returns, finance charges, fees, foreign transaction currency charges or insurance charges posted to your account.

Pay Off Your High Interest Credit Card Balances

If you have a high interest credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Optima, VISA, etc.) or retail charge card with another financial institution or credit card issuer, you may be able to transfer your balances to our lower interest VISA. You could save money and reduce your minimum monthly payment instantly! Print this application and contact us today!

Our VISA Credit Card is a revolving line of credit loan and requires interest to be paid on any unpaid balance.