ATM/Visa Check Card

Our ATM/Visa Check Card means less hassle and more convenience for you. 

Use it as a check wherever the VISA logo is displayed, or use it as an ATM card. Look at these advantages.

  • Use it as you would a check at merchants and vendors wherever you see the VISA logo. You avoid hassles over ID, and since it's a card there is no check to write.
  • Use it as you would a credit card when making purchases, for finalizing payment towards car rentals or hotel reservations, shopping by phone, or for any other reason that you would use a credit card. Since the money is taken from your Primary Checking, Other Checking or Primary Savings Account, there's no interest to pay.
  • Use it as an ATM Card to withdraw money at  PLUS and NYCE network locations everywhere. You can also use it to verify your account balances, make deposits and transfer money. And it is safe. No cash to carry or lose.
  • Keep track of your purchases and transactions. A detailed description appears every month on your regular monthly Primary Checking, Other Checking, or Primary Savings statement.
  • Pay a LOW Annual Fee of $14.00.
  • No annual fee if your member account has a Sunrise Checking, Money Market Savings or Money Market Checking account (Excluding IRA Money Market Accounts).
  • No annual fee if your member account has a combined balance of $2,500 between your Primary Savings, Other Savings, Checking Account, Other checking account, Christmas Club, Vacation Club and Certificate of Deposit (Excluding IRA Money Market and IRA Certificate of Deposit). Fee is assessed every January.

Do you have one? Call or drop by the credit union to apply for an ATM/VISA Check Card.

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