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Our Home Equity Loans Can Help You Make Things Happen!

You can make your home a castle, consolidate your bills, pay for an education, take a special vacation, and more. Your opportunities are unlimited! And, the interest you pay on a Home Equity Loan is usually tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor. Home Equity Loans are only available in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. 
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Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

Take advantage of our low rate and borrow for terms up to 15 years. You can borrow up to $200,000, or 80% to 100% of the equity in your home based on the equity minus your first mortgage.

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Adjustable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit

With our Adjustable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit you can borrow from 70% to 90% of the equity in your home minus your First Mortgage. Borrow it as you need it! 

This open line-of-credit is for a 10-year term with 15 years payback from the date of the last advance. (The adjustable rate is based upon the Prime Rate as posted in the Wall Street Journal plus 0.00% if paying by Payroll Deduction  with Automatic Payment on the last business day of the month or plus .50% for Coupon Book payments. If there is more than one rate, the interest rate will be the average of the Prime Rates posted in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month.) The interest rate  is subject to change.

Call the credit union for the latest variable rates at 1-800-361-9322.

Home Equity Loan Application  In Microsoft Word format, it will open in your browser if you have Internet Explorer and Word installed. You can fill it out right in Word or print it and fill it out. Then sign it and bring, mail or fax it to the credit union.


Buying a new home or the bigger home you've always dreamed of? Well, come to us for First Mortgage financing, call Michael Cesarano at 1-800-713-2274 extension 110. We will work with you to find the mortgage that will work for your needs and budget. If you have any questions call 1-800-361-9322.

Second Mortgages

New Jersey Community FCU has the second mortgage program for you. You can choose from a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage based on your home's equity and with an affordable repayment term that suits your budget.

Don't Delay, Apply Now!

Don't wait any longer to get the money you need. You can apply at the credit union office or call for an application. Call 1-800-361-9322 for up-to-date loan information and rates.

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