Who Do We Serve?

NJ Community Federal Credit Union has been serving its members since it was founded in 1954 for Government workers who worked in Camden, New Jersey. We now serve over 2,800 members. Our membership includes members from various towns and cities.

As a member, your family members (i.e., spouse, children, parents, siblings) and household members are eligible to join. Your credit union membership is for life, regardless of whether you change jobs, move, or retire. Wherever you go or whatever you do, you can access the credit union's financial products and services by mail, phone, fax, email, internet, and nationwide ATMs. If you change your lifestyle, a call or visit to the credit union ensures that you continue to enjoy the money-saving benefits.

Board of Directors

We are governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors establishes loan and savings policies and directs the affairs of the credit union.

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee oversees the financial affairs and strength of the credit union.