Other Types of Loans

Signature/Personal Loan

This loan is one of the most popular member loans because it can be used to solve a variety of money problems. 

With our Signature/Personal Loan, you never have to wrestle over where you're going on your next vacation, or whether not you can fit a new computer into your budget. You can borrow up to $8,000, based on our Loan Policy, for up to 60 months at a great low rate. Take a vacation, buy a computer, fix the car, you name it! All we need is your signature and good credit.

Share Draft/Check Credit Line

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A Share Draft/Check Line of Credit is a very convenient loan option for emergencies or other needs.

This Personal Line of Credit has a set amount up to $8,000 available to you, depending on your eligibility (see Loan Policy). You can then draw on this line of credit as you need it. Just write a check from the account. No re-applying or re-approval. It's ready when you need it for unexpected expenses or needs.

Overdraft Loan

An Overdraft Loan is a great protection for your Primary Checking or Other Checking Account.

Protect yourself with up to $8,000, depending on your eligibility (see Loan Policy). This line of credit is in place and used automatically as you need it. So don't worry if they get your check before you get to the credit union. You're covered. No re-applying or re-approval needed.

Share Certificate or Savings Secured Loan

Click here to apply online!Your strong commitment to savings can provide you with the security you need for a loan. 

With the accumulated funds in your share certificate or savings accounts, you can apply for a loan. No need to take the money out; use it to secure the funds that you need while you continue to earn dividends.

Click here for additional Loan Information, Requirements, and Rates.

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